Miller Environmental Corporation


Specialty Soil Treatment

Miller has the capacity to receive and treat contaminated soil on site holding cells.

Contaminated soil generated from site remediation projects and environmental accident sites must be managed to ensure that further environmental impacts will not occur.

Our ability to formulate specific chemistries to treat unique types of contaminated soils sets us apart from our competitors.








Miller is uniquely equipped to manage large quantities of contaminated soil. Our holding cells are located within close proximity to our process buildings, granting unparalleled access to various methods of treatment.

Although analytical results are preferred prior to delivery, we understand that some remediation projects don’t always allow for time to wait for lab results. Miller has the exclusive ability to receive and sequester batches of soil on our site, therefore reducing environmental risks and saving you and your customer both time and money.

Some types of contaminated soils we can accept are:

  • Perfluoroctane and Perfluoroalkyl Sulfonate (PFOS/PFAS)
  • Heavy metal impacted soil
  • Acid or alkali contamination
  • Chlorinated soil
  • Additional contaminants may be acceptable upon review.
  • Hydrocarbon contaminated soil

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