Miller Environmental Corporation


Health & Safety and Management System

Health & Safety

Safety is Miller’s top priority and primary core value as demonstrated by our Total Recordable Incident Rating (TRIR). Our safety program strives to protect the safety of all stakeholders, including that of our employees, clients, and the community.
In April of 2018 Miller implemented a new safety management system based on a of behavior based safety philosophy. This system requires the continual hazard-risk assessment process to be used by anyone performing work. One of the main reasons that our safety management system has been successful is because it is designed to fully engage the entire workforce in driving and guiding their own safety. By having all levels of the workforce actively engaged in the safety process, the goal of eliminating the occurrences of unsafe behaviors are realized.

Training As A Value

Miller has an extensive training program for all positions within the organization. The level and type of training is specific to an individuals job duties and responsibilities.

New Worker

Miller’s onboarding program for new employees (Green Hand Program) ensures that individuals with less than 90 days experience are identified, adequately supervised, trained and managed to prevent injury to themselves or others, property damage or environmental harm.

Identifying green hands prevent co-workers from making potentially dangerous assumptions about the green hand workers’ experience or skills. The green hand program is a part of an overall strategy for supervisors, coworkers and management to ensure the green worker is aware of legislated occupational health and safety rights and obligations, reporting procedures, and the full extent of the hazards associated with their tasks and work space.

Emergency Response Preparedness

Our priority is the health and safety of our employees, contractors, visitors and community. The Incident Command System (ICS) has been implemented as part of Miller’s preparedness plan due to the emergency risk potential and the likelihood of outside agencies participation.

In 2021 Miller committed to the company wide role out of ICS for emergency response situations. All Miller staff were trained for their role within ICS to ensure their preparedness in the event of an emergency.

A scenario based training plan has been implemented to use ICS in addition to practicing responses to various types of emergencies. These efforts are to reinforce the learnings that were provided in the training and to create continuous improvement.